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"Your customers are the lifeblood of your business. Their needs and wants impact every aspect of your business, from product development to content marketing to sales to customer service."

John Rampton - Entrepreneur

Business Development

Develop the entrepreneurial skills needed to launch & scale your business or consultancy 

Having worked with individuals and companies across the health, fitness and medical life-sciences industries for over two decades, I know that success in any type of business requires the careful planning and execution of a well structured business plan.


The BUSINESS ACCELERATOR PROGRAM contains eight modules which mix together exactly the right blend of professional competencies necessary for ensuring the future growth and development of your business.


Each module within the Business Accelerator Program is completed over a period of approximately 12 weeks. This structured capability development framework allows you to self-reflect and identify specific skills or business competencies that may require some extra coaching and development.


Preparing to Serve

Mindset, Motivation & Self-Leadership

In this learning and development module you will learn how to:

  • Articulate 'What' You Want From Your Business & Career

  • Define Your Purpose, Passion & Vision of Professional Success

  • Identify Your Most Important Values & Professional Strengths

  • Overcome Self-Limiting Beliefs & Negative Self-Talk

  • Strengthen Your Self-Confidence & Emotional Resilience

  • Turn Procrastination into Performance Goals & Daily Action Plans

Business Planning & Financial Management

In this learning and development module you will learn how to:

  • Strategise, Plan & Execute Like an Entrepreneur

  • Establish Your Financial Goals & Business Objectives

  • Set Up Operational Business Systems & Financial Processes

  • Establish Productivity & Performance-Based Business KPIs

  • Manage Business Budgets & Interpret Key Financial Reports

  • Review The R.O.I on Sales, Marketing & Operational Activities

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Working on a Computer

Program & Product Development

In this learning and development module you will learn how to:

  • Identify Your Niche Market & Commercial Demographics

  • Define & Articulate Your Unique Value Proposition

  • Design Your Signature Program, Product or System

  • Brand Your Signature Program, Product or System

  • Monetise Your Signature Program, Product or System

  • Deliver Your Signature Program, Product or System

Digital Course Development

​In this learning and development module you will learn how to:

  • Research & Plan The Content For Your Online Course

  • Create a Captivating Name For Your Online Course

  • Outline Your Course Structure & Learning Objectives

  • Develop Effective & Engaging Educational Content

  • Plan & Prepare Your Online Course Delivery

  • Facilitate an Engaging & Results-Focused Online Course

Online Violin Class
Image by Domenico Loia

Presentation & Facilitation Skills

In this learning and development module you will learn how to:

  • Overcome Fear and Anxiety to Become a Great Public Speaker 

  • Tell Stories that Build Rapport & Establish Trust with the Audience

  • Craft an Elevator Pitch to Entice Curiosity About What You Offer

  • Create Engaging Presentations to Attract The Right Clients

  • Design, Develop & Deliver a Compelling Sales Presentation

  • Facilitate Live Workshops to Motivate & Engage Your Clients

Content Marketing

In this learning and development module you will learn how to:

  • Manage Your Personal & Professional Online Brand

  • Use Content Marketing To Build Your Brand Credibility

  • Write Engaging Blogs To Demonstrate Your Expertise

  • Develop Educational Webinars To Attract New Leads

  • Market Your Webinars Using Social Media & Joint-Ventures

  • Convert Your Webinar Leads Into Paying Clients

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Image by Austin Distel

Sales & Influencing Skills

In this learning and development module you will learn how to:

  • Sell Your Products & Services with Honesty, Empathy & Integrity

  • Establish The Unmet Needs, Goals & Objectives of The Client

  • Explain Your Features, Benefits & Unique Value Proposition 

  • Coach Clients Through The Emotional Decision-Making Process

  • Negotiate Your Fees, Terms, Conditions & Ways of Working

  • Gain Commitment, Close The Sale & Start The Onboarding Process

Professional Networking

​In this learning and development module you will learn how to:

  • Develop Your Professional Networking Skills

  • Generate Warm Leads at Networking Events

  • Create Joint-Venture Business Collaborations

  • Identify Your Social Media Networking Goals

  • Set Up Your Professional Social Media Profiles

  • Grow & Nurture Your Professional Network

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Trainer & Coach



With over twenty years experience in sales, marketing, management and organisational learning & development, I know that success for most businesses comes back to getting the basics right. I love helping my clients develop the skills, passion and mindset required to plan and execute a winning business strategy. The Business Accelerator Program is designed to help you create a simple and well structured business plan, capturing your future business vision, clearly defined financial goals, signature coaching programs, simple marketing funnels, a stress-free sales process and well presented value propositions, so that your target audience understands what sets you apart from other product or service providers in the market.

Money Back Guarantee!
We’re so confident that you will love our BUSINESS ACCELERATOR PROGRAM, that we will offer you a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not happy with the quality of our education, training or coaching

What People Have To Say

Peter Kennedy

Mortgage Broker

David's Business Accelerator Program, along with the tools that he has given me through his coaching and teachings, have been of huge benefit to me and my future business growth. As small business owners we can at times get caught up working in the business rather than actually on it. David has enabled me to break through the mental constraints which were holding me back, and further advance my business and professional output to a degree I never could have anticipated. I highly recommend David and his coaching programs to anyone who is looking to get more out of themselves, and in turn enable increased focus on their business and professional goals."

Alisa Carpenter

Health Coach

"I have been working with David for over six months. I am a qualified Gestalt therapist and health coach and came to David for business coaching. I knew that I wanted to build a career in coaching, but was feeling stuck as to how I should go about setting up my own business. David has been instrumental in helping me articulate what I want, why I want it and how to translate these two things into a clear and coherent business vision. Working through the modules in his Business Accelerator Program has allowed me to self-reflect, plan and most importantly, take decisive action. Our coaching sessions have given me the motivation and confidence to start building my professional networks and take on new clients."
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