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Develop the Professional Mindset for Sales Success

Updated: Oct 21, 2023

Why Making Sales Feels Difficult

How you feel about selling will influence your ability to sell. If you think it’s manipulative, or you feel as though you're services are not worth what you're charging, then of course you’ll find selling difficult.

You should only try to sell a genuine, high quality solution to a clearly identified customer or client need. Your job as a health coach is to match your solution to their need. How you feel about yourself will also influence your selling. This is especially true if you are selling your own health coaching programs or health products.

Every business person doubts themselves at some time or other. But if your general level of self-belief is low, this will affect your ability to sell until you do something about it. Self-esteem is the value you put on yourself.

You can judge its level by how quickly you recover from a set-back, such as a storm of criticism or a launch that flopped. If you pick yourself up quickly and carry on with a light heart, this shows a high level of self-esteem. If you can’t go on with your business because of it, your self-esteem is low. Most people are somewhere in between.

When you’re preparing a free client strategy or discovery meeting, do you ever ask yourself

things like:

  • Am I worth what I’m charging?

  • How I to know that my product or service will really help people?

  • What if they say ‘no’?

These internal questions indicate a lack of self-esteem. Take those questions

and turn them into positive statements. For example:

  • I’m providing enormous value and am worth every cent of what I’m charging

  • I’m an expert in my field and I know my coaching services and health products help people

  • It’s okay if they say no because my coaching services and health products aren’t right for everyone

Be aware of these thoughts, as they can trip you up when selling. For example, if you doubt your worth, it’s going to be hard to talk about and believe in your pricing. Or you’ll price your products and services so low that they will be seen as worthless.

Can you see how these internal questions prevent you from selling successfully? If you don’t value yourself and your work, you can’t expect customers to see the value in what you’re selling.

Change Your Mindset

Holding onto negative ideas about selling will inevitably hold you back from ever building the business you were truly capable of building. Before you can even start developing sales skills, you need to change your mindset about selling.

You know that you want to 'serve' your customers and clients and help them solve their

problems. Remind yourself to think about each sales interaction as ‘serving’ or ‘problem solving’ rather than ‘selling.’

If you’ve had your business for a while, you’ve certainly had some sales success over the years. This is proof you can sell. But it’s easy to remember the sales ‘failures’ and forget the wins.

One way to turn this perception around is to focus on your past sales successes. Those were the times you sold a health coaching program and received money, not just when someone said they would buy and then changed their minds.

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